Metals & Drawing     •       Long Beach, CA
    I am a studying metalsmith working to learn as much as possible about metals and beyond. Metalsmithing and drawing offer the best of both worlds: what one does not allow me to do, the other does. I believe that by continuing to improve my skills in both mediums, they will feed each other, rather than hinder.
     I began my formal art training at San Diego Mesa College in 2016. There I grew my general skills and craftsmanship, and received my Associate of Arts degree in Studio Arts. I then enrolled at California State University of Long Beach where, while taking my first metal course, I resolved to be accepted into the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Three Dimensional Media: Metals program and become a metalsmith. I am completing a minor in Art History and continuing to hone my drawing skills traditionally and digitally.
In progress
  Bachelor of Fine Arts in Three Dimensional Media: Metals
  Minor in Art History, California State University Long Beach, Long Beach, C

  Associate of Arts in Studio Arts, San Diego Mesa College, San Diego, CA
Group Exhibitions:
• 2021 
Insights, CSULB
• 2020
Metal Arts Guild Group Show,
Gatvo West, Long Beach, CA
Private Collections:
• Long Beach, CA
• Venice, CA
• Sacramento, CA
• Tehachapi, CA
• San Diego, CA
• With You
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