Alyssa Stroud Metalsmith
Located out of Long Beach, CA
The versatility of vessels and containers compels me to explore their existence; being full works of art that may be solitary or companions, interactions with their surrounding environment or people and other objects, and their range in functionality, or lack of.
Creating is most exciting and meaningful to me when affection for novelty, the cute, odd, humorous and the miniature is reflected in my work. My work feels complete and successful when these affections reach others and create a shared experience.
My process of inspiration and creation is a subconscious discussion. My mind and the materials mee, processing the notions and impressions that have been trapped in my mind. They keep wafting around, but as growing inspiration, until they are released into my work.​​​​​​​
California State University Long Beach (through fall 2022)
     Bachelor of Fine Arts in Three-Dimensional Media: Metals
     Minor in Art History

San Diego Miramar College, 2019
     Associate of Fine Arts

Solo Exhibitions:
• 2022 Babbling into the Void,
Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery, Long Beach, CA
Group Exhibitions:
• 2022 Spring Sale and Exhibition, Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery, Long Beach, CA
• 2022 Metal Arts Guild Group Show, Gatov East Gallery, Long Beach, CA
• 2021 Insights, CSULB (Online)
• 2020 Metal Arts Guild Group Show, Gatov West Gallery, Long Beach, CA
Private Collections:
• Long Beach, CA
• Venice, CA
• Sacramento, CA
• Tehachapi, CA
• San Diego, CA
• Ladera Ranch, CA
• Eureka, CA
• Rose Quartz Ring
• With You
• Yeehaw
• Joy
• Lone Mushroom
Whisps of thoughts and ideas are my inspiration; my home, the journey of a human into, through, and out of life, pondering hell, isekai, the point of purpose, life as a prehistorical person, the chains of consequences that follow modern human beings throughout their mundane daily lives, humans as the demise of humanity, all attempted to be filtered through humor or affection then processed.

Notions, impressions, suppositions that have been trapped in my mind to waft around endlessly, can only be released into my work. W
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