Metalsmith      •       Long Beach, CA
   I am a studying metalsmith working to continually expand my knowledge of metals, learn new techniques, and strengthen my skills. During my first metals class I quickly became more excited about metals that I had ever been about any other medium. I knew immediately that metalsmithing is the path that I will take and applied to enter the BFA program.
   I picked up a minor in Art History to better understand art as a whole and learn about it through different lenses around the world and throughout history. Alongside my degrees I have continued to draw traditionally and learn how to work digitally. While becoming a great metalsmith is my ambition, I believe that continuing these other interests will spur my growth as I become a strong and well-rounded craftsman and artist.

• California State University Long Beach (in progress)
     Bachelor of Fine Arts in Three-Dimensional Media Metals
     Minor in Art History
• San Diego Miramar College, Associate of Fine Arts, 2019
Group Exhibitions:
• 2021 
Insights, CSULB
• 2020
Metal Arts Guild Group Show,
Gatvo West, Long Beach, CA
Private Collections:
• Long Beach, CA
• Venice, CA
• Sacramento, CA
• Tehachapi, CA
• San Diego, CA
• Ladera Ranch, CA
• Eureka, CA
Rose Quartz Ring
• With You
• Joy
• Lone Mushroom

• Untitled work
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