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Eternal Damnation is a collection of work that came from the contemplation of life after death during a time when it was difficult to sort through horrible news reports and the feeling that the world is turning against itself. Inspired through the research of religious and secular literature and art such as Jigoku-zōshi (12th century Japanese Hell scrolls) and Dante Alighieri's book, Inferno.  
The question became more specific; what would await those who intentionally inflicted great harm and committed these atrocities that fill the news reports. Would the fates committed to people by sacred texts be equal punishment or ruthless and never ending, if any? Creating this body of work became a way to: explore these questions and answers; to reflect on morality, intention, and my own thoughts and behaviors; and to process and cope with some of the waking nightmares of reality. 
Growing up attending church, Hell was a hard concept for me grasp but much harder to approach. Knowing the subject can be taboo and traumatic, I tried to approach the work lightheartedly and with a sense of humor and curiosity, rather than in a damning or shameful way.

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